CBD – What We Know and What We Don’t

With Cannabidiol (CBD) rising in popularity these days, it’s important to know what this substance is and if it would work for you. In short, this compound is one of 113 active cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. When discovered in 1940s, a variety of studies were done on the chemical makeup which led to a conclusion that CBD might be helpful for many conditions – including mood disorders, chronic pain and inflammation!

Things We know and Do not Know about CBD

Here is a list of things that we know and do not know about CBD.

Is CBD Legal?

Many people don’t know the difference between hemp and marijuana, but when you understand how CBD interacts with each of them separately you’ll see why it’s important. While cannabis is made up primarily of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol (the psychoactive component in cannabis), hemp has only trace amounts which makes it safe for public consumption under federal law. In other words, while marijuana remains classified as a Schedule I drug under federal law because it contains over 10% THC content – Hemp falls under Agricultural Commodity classification that allows anyone to transport or sell it over state lines if they are abiding by all set regulations.
● Hemp-derived CBD products can contain less than 0.3% THC.

● Cannot exceed 10lbs per transaction. ● Must meet FDA standards.

How can you take CBD?

You can buy different types of CBD products like liquids, smoke, pills and much more from the marketplace. Some people prefer to eat it while others use it topically. If you are looking for something specific, it all depends on your needs. For example, if you are suffering from high levels of anxiety or depression then maybe the CBD oil will give you the relief that you need but if instead you’re looking for something to help soothe localized skin inflammations or muscle/joint pains dermatitis then maybe a topical would be best.

Does CBD have Health Benefits?

Studies show that CBD affects receptors from the endocannabinoid system, which regulates pain and moods alongside many other cognitive functions. This means that you can use this powerful plant-based medicine for everything from relieving chronic pain to fighting inflammation and even preventing acne.

Is Cannabidiol Different from Marijuana, Cannabis, And Hemp?

CBD is the most important ingredient in cannabis or marijuana but experts extract it directly from the hemp plant. However, there are several other components in marijuana that CBD does not have so it does not cause the “high” sensation. Thus, Cannabidiol used in medical marijuana is quite different from the standard marijuana you find in the market.

Bottom Line

While more research is being done on CBD, it’s safe to say that its benefits are plentiful. There are lots of different products so go ahead and find one that you’re most comfortable with!