Our Story

How did We start?

Our story goes way back when we were overwhelmed with the daily grind. Stress made up half of who we were and a friend in the hemp industry recommended we try CBD; and we did. Feeling the the relief and balance brought forth by this miracle plant ingredient- it was then that we knew exactly what we wanted to do with our lives. This led us to create our very own products – now known as Infused Naturals. 

Every day, without fail, is another chance for us to make a difference in someone’s life just like ours had been changed by its miracle plant ingredient; because you deserve better than what society tells you about your own wellness!

Infused Naturals – A CBD Brand Made For Self-Care, Healing, and Wellness.

Infused Naturals – a small husband and wife business dedicated to sourcing the highest quality hemp, and other all-natural ingredients, for our CBD oils and topicals. We do this because we know what it feels like to need relief from chronic pain; stress; depression; or other ailments. We understand the struggle for those who don’t have access to affordable healthcare or are seeking all-natural alternatives. And what started out as something just for us has now grown into a diverse range of natural products that work wonders on your body and mind.
We don’t only create these powerful compounds because they’re helpful, but also because it gives us satisfaction seeing just how much they transform people’s lives. Believe it or not, all these decisions are based off one fact – that you deserve nothing less than great quality supplements at affordable prices which will give you tremendous results.